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Each building meets the identified needs of the community they serve; as such these buildings differ in their organization of services and the provision of facilities. Consequently, there are several models for the organization of facilities for similar projects.

Crossey Engineering Ltd. develop and prepare General Output Specification (GOS), a document based on leading practices and industry standards to serve as the base generic program for technical and performance requirements for use in the procurement of certain projects.

While GOS provides generic specifications, specific output specifications are intended to serve as the instruction for planning, design and construction of a particular project(s). They will include sufficient direction to enable the selected DBFM Consortium to construct a building suitable to the needs of the project and to meet the expectations for functionality, operations and life cycle established by the Sponsors and GOS.

Our Compliance Services include the following:

  • Master Planning
  • Review of Approved Functional Program
  • Block Diagrams
  • Planning and Design
  • Site Plan Approval Process
  • Site-Specific Output Specifications
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