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Hamilton Health Sciences

Hamilton, Ontario

Crossey Engineering Ltd. has enjoyed a successful working partnership with several of the Hamilton Health Sciences facilities. Highlights from completed projects, or projects that we are currently undertaking, include the following:

  • Henderson General Hospital: Crossey Engineering provided mechanical and electrical design services for decanting work and as the coordinating design professionals for the $550,000 expansion.
  • Henderson General Hospital: Crossey Engineering Ltd. provided peer review services.
  • Acquired Brian Injury: CEL conducted a peer review of the new $40 million facility. The review covered the electrical, mechanical, architectural and structural systems as well as the building sciences elements.
  • McMaster University Medical Centre: Crossey has provided recommendations on the mechanical and electrical design of key area upgrades, including those housing the CPD – Washer/Disinfector, Cart Wash and Cart Storage.

Challenges included the assurance that necessary work could be accommodated in the available budget.  We achieved this by preparing a comprehensive feasibility study that was  costed and reviewed with stakeholders.  Designs were not completed until approvals were obtained.

The Cardiology and the Echo Lab projects will provide the hospital with a larger and more efficient layout to handle their operations. The design has focused on maintaining existing areas in operations while the new areas are being developed. This will esnure that transfers can take place with minimum interruption.

To limit costs in the decanting project Crossey Engineering’s design team used existing services and equipment as much as possible.

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