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  • Vertical Start-up Commissioning (VSC) Group Inc.
  • Consullux Lighting Consultants
  • CEL Gruen
  • CEL International Inc.
Vertical Start-up Commissioning (VSC) Group Inc.

Vertical Start-up Commissioning (VSC) Group Inc.

Commissioning Partnership

VSC is an emerging organization dedicated to improving facility and system start-ups through effective commissioning practices. These practices and processes will ensure our customers receive fully operational and functioning systems at the time of turn over.

Consullux Lighting Consultants


Lighting Design Consultant Services

Consullux Lighting Consultants consists of lighting designers who have extensive project experience in Canada, United States, and abroad internationally. Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality, most innovative, and cost effective interior and exterior lighting design solutions. Consullux Lighting Consultants is located in Toronto, the firm is wholly owned by Crossey Engineering Ltd.

CEL Gruen

CEL Gruen

Integrated Sustainable Design, Energy Simulations, Renewable Energy, LEED

CEL Gruen is consulting engineering group focused on integrated sustainable and renewable design, energy simulation, and LEEDTM consulting. CEL Gruen firmly believes that good engineering is “green”, and it is their objective to bring the appropriate sustainable solutions to each of their projects.

CEL International Inc. CEL International

CEL International Inc.

Electrical, Mechanical, Lighting, Telecommunications, Sustainable Design, Commissioning

CEL International is dedicated in ensuring that buildings function efficiently – over the short and long-term – while working within the clients’ budgets, timetables and aesthetic visions. CEL International Inc. consistently helps clients achieve this by creating and adapting designs in the areas of electrical, mechanical, lighting, telecommunications infrastructure and controls.

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