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Crossey Engineering Ltd.

Our Mission

Whether we are providing analysis, design or post-construction support, we work closely with clients by:

  • Facilitating discussions between all key stakeholders so that everyone comes to a common understanding of the critical design issues and timetables.
  • Keeping the design team members who start projects involved through to the project’s completion so that key targets and goals identified during design are consistently achieved.
  • Dedicating an experienced team to projects (i.e. including Partners and Senior Designers) so that practical and cost-effective solutions are developed and applied.
  • Our team based approach ensures that the knowledge that we have learned from previous projects is available to all of our Project Managers.
  • Ensuring the Project Manager is fully accessible so that any concerns can be addressed efficiently.
  • Ensuring the necessary resources are coordinated so that your project schedules are met (i.e. Fast-Track, Multiple Tenders, Pre-ordering).
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